Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Moon and Your Tidal Waves.

Do you stare at the same moon? I wonder this as I sit looking out my bedroom window. That's the thing that makes missing someone so painful, the unknown. I am unsure if our moon is still the same one or if you still sleep with a fan on and your shirt off,sweating small beads of salt. Distance creates spaces between two hearts that were once inseparable. What a cruel joke the world would play on two souls. I howl at my moon and curse it for convincing the tides to take you away. I blame anything but myself for you leaving, I think that is a human thing to do. We cannot take responsibility for something that gave us such gut wrenching pain. Admitting this defeat would be saying that we are the cause of our own destruction. But we are. I am. I did this and I wouldn't know how to pretend any different. I wonder if you stare at the same moon and find yourself cursing it too. Do you blame yourself? For the loss of a love? For the loss of an us? Its always the unknown that haunts us. We are trying to understand why. Try to put a concrete reason on why things so delicate and vibrant get destroyed. What if things just are. There is no reason why. There is no grand story of lust and pain. It just is what it is. An unknown opportunity shared between two different moons. A catastrophic destruction that had to be done with or without our help. There is no explaining that which is not meant to be understood. We can curse our moons together but still be worlds apart. Nothing will change that. Some things are meant to be whole and some things are meant to be broken. I dont think the moon, you, or I has much control over that. I will let my moon wash you away with the tides. You were never mine to keep anyway. It is what it is. -M.D.L

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