Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Moon and Your Tidal Waves.

Do you stare at the same moon? I wonder this as I sit looking out my bedroom window. That's the thing that makes missing someone so painful, the unknown. I am unsure if our moon is still the same one or if you still sleep with a fan on and your shirt off,sweating small beads of salt. Distance creates spaces between two hearts that were once inseparable. What a cruel joke the world would play on two souls. I howl at my moon and curse it for convincing the tides to take you away. I blame anything but myself for you leaving, I think that is a human thing to do. We cannot take responsibility for something that gave us such gut wrenching pain. Admitting this defeat would be saying that we are the cause of our own destruction. But we are. I am. I did this and I wouldn't know how to pretend any different. I wonder if you stare at the same moon and find yourself cursing it too. Do you blame yourself? For the loss of a love? For the loss of an us? Its always the unknown that haunts us. We are trying to understand why. Try to put a concrete reason on why things so delicate and vibrant get destroyed. What if things just are. There is no reason why. There is no grand story of lust and pain. It just is what it is. An unknown opportunity shared between two different moons. A catastrophic destruction that had to be done with or without our help. There is no explaining that which is not meant to be understood. We can curse our moons together but still be worlds apart. Nothing will change that. Some things are meant to be whole and some things are meant to be broken. I dont think the moon, you, or I has much control over that. I will let my moon wash you away with the tides. You were never mine to keep anyway. It is what it is. -M.D.L

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The devils advocate

You can't barter with the devil while your laying next to her. The vodka you have in your hand makes everything a blur. You take a sip and give it another stir. It's a man made drink to ease your pain. Looking in your eyes, that's all you have gained. Pain seeps through every single pore you have, your flesh is now stained. You reek of booze, thinking that this is the only thing left you have to choose. It's okay darling, you only have everything to lose. You can't barter with the devil while your laying next to her, for loneliness there is no cure. -M.D.L

Friday, June 9, 2017

Mental Health

My ears are ringing loud and true to remind me of all the things I didn't do. I didn't tell you I was sorry even though I knew. My ears are ringing, I should have sat down within your pew. So you could tell me all that you have been through. I didn't listen even though there were so many cues. I sat alone by myself while the pain inside you grew. I'm sorry brain, I didn't listen even though you were so blue. I ignored what you told me like I didn't have a clue. My ears are ringing, to remind me that deep down it's stinging. I didn't know brain that it was only pain that I was bringing. -M.D.L 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

World destruction

I sit 

and sip on my morning coffee while there are people being murdered all around the world. Everywhere is an ocean of red that our society is drowning in. The pools of blood are up to our eyeballs and pretty soon my coffee will taste like death too. How many lives does it take? How many deaths justify killers? The only thing being proven is that we are the monsters in our story books that we read to our children as we tuck them into bed. We are not the great species who will make earth better. We are the people who murder all living things (even each other) for the sake of something to prove. We will all be bodies on the ground before someone starts choosing life over ego. This sea of blood is not the answer, and I am sick of drowning in it.  -M.D.L

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

what is a quarter and a piece of gum worth?

Loving you is easy. I slip into something vulnerable and wrap my hands around your neck, rubbing our hearts against each other. It's funny that the most vulnerable part of your body is in the front of you, where others can touch it. It's like you made an incision on the skin barricade around my heart and pulled it to the surface through the hole you made in my chest for examination. You held my heart in your hands and kissed it gently and I never asked for it back. Loving someone is easy, it's the giving of your own soul, your insides that is hard. People take pieces and fragments of who you are and shove them in their pockets where the fall out during their morning run. That's what you did, took small fragments of who I was and scattered them umongst the black pavement like rose pettles in a wedding. I had parts and what were once wholes missing where I used to be complete. You no longer kissed my heart gently, you neglected it slowly so I asked for it back. You no longer had it. You sold it to the boy down the street for a quarter and a piece of gum. I forgot that I was supposed to protect the one thing that was important to me. I forgot to tell myself how important I was, to never let my guard down. Instead I sold my heart and soul to you for nothing. I have never been good at bargaining... losing everything for what I thought was something.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

When I was a child


if someone would've asked if I was okay I wouldn't feel so broken. Maybe if someone held me in their arms I wouldn't have cried heavy sobs in my bedroom where no one could hear the pain escape my body. If someone taught me that its okay to feel, its okay to ask for help I would have more often. My tears are shameful and people use "I'm sorry" as a band-aid way to often. I wished the "I'm sorry's" were replaced with actual compassion. I wish just once someone would have held me and told me everything is going to be okay. I wish people were okay with feelings for just one day.We teach our kids that admitting suffering or owning sadness is weak. We teach them that I'm sorry's are enough comfort to conceal their pain. Adults tell me that my generation sucks, that we are too "sensitive", that we need to "get over it". Do they realize they made us? They taught us to be numb and hide or pain and now that we are owning it they think its right to call us insane. Its not okay to feel, but at least I own my pain and show that its real. You just keep saying "I'm sorry" like its no big deal.

Those who step into the light of who they are will always hold the true power.

-M. D. L

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tally Marks

Becoming a 

psychologist  has opened up my heart space to who I am within. I thought that I was choosing this career in order to save other people from drowning but realized that I leave myself without a life jacket so often. No one is perfect. Not the lady you see in the grocery store with her good looking husband and five children, not the stranger, not your school teacher, your parents, or your shrink. I think life takes tolls on you, making tally marks on the inside of your rib cage, keeping track of everything that has caused you pain and the tally marks add up quickly. Its easy to ignore it though, to push back your pain because society tells you that you are not allowed to feel it, that no one on this damn planet wants to see you vulnerable, see your tally marks. We hide our pain on the backs of loved ones where they cant see them or by pretending we are capable of loving someone else when we cant even look at ourselves in the mirror. We dont talk about the times we cut ourselves on our bathroom floor and our boyfriends turned away from the evidence because they didn't want to believe that such pain exists. We dont talk about throwing up our dinners to be skinny, we dont talk about heartbreak, about 2 am crying sessions, about our addictions to drinking or drugs to numb the tally marks that are being carved into our insides daily. We dont talk about these things until its too late or we become strangers in our own skin, our souls so dark from never seeing day light. I didn't want to be that person, with circles around my eyes and several wounds on my wrists because my tally marks got the best of me. I go to classes daily learning about mental disorders and how to handle crisis's but they never told me how to handle the crisis that was myself. I knew I was not okay but I did not know how to fix myself, to apply what I learned to my own brain. So there I sat, in the small outdated waiting room that only had ten green chairs in it (I know because I counted them over and over again as I waited). The mental health doctor came out and took me into his smaller office where he told me to sit down on a couch next to a box of tissues that were screaming "you will need these trust me". He asked me several questions that no one bothered asking me before such as have you harmed yourself? Do you think about suicide? Whats your family like? I was honest about everything as you should be if you wish for salvation from your own soul. I walked out stronger, with more knowledge and a shiny new prescription for my diagnosis of ADD, depression, and anxiety. No one tells you that it takes courage to admit your defeats, to say you are not okay, to own your shit.  No one tells you that there is light for you as long as you seek help, as long as you scream out "this is who I am! Help me" You cannot hide your pain, your scars, your eating disorder, your drug habits forever. You must bring them into the light in order to burn them. Once I admitted to my pain, it no longer owned my soul, it was weak compared to my light. Do not be afraid to ask for help for pain that seems bigger than you are. Do not be afraid to bring your disorders, your pain, your darkness to the surface and face them. No one is perfect, everyone has their own tally marks. What are yours and what are you doing to own them? Start today, no pain is worth your happiness or your life. End the stigma on Mental Health, talk about it.